CoolSculpting® Offers Lasting Fat Removal for Seattle-area Residents

Freeze fat away and sculpt your body without surgery or downtime.  Reserve Dr. Brimhall's skill and artistry to safely attain the youthful shape you deserve, non-invasively, with CoolSculpting® in her newly remodeled Kirkland, WA clinic.

As everyone knows, some areas of the body seem to resist diet and exercise. There can be stubborn “problem” areas that frustrate even the most rigorous weight loss program. Further, even the best diet and exercise program will only reduce the size of fat cells. You can exert yourself and watch what you eat, but your fat cells remain – ready to expand again with the slightest lapse. Now there's a better way to eliminate fat cells and sculpt your body to achieve the shape you desire. 

CoolSculpting® is an advanced technology that uses cold to completely and safely dissolve fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues. 

Best of all, with CoolSculpting® you can precisely target your problem areas. CoolSculpting® uses a controlled and highly targeted cooling process to crystallize fat cells without surgery. Once the fat cells are frozen, they will be naturally absorbed by your body and eliminated. 

You enjoy lasting results!  Permanent fat removal!

I will develop a plan that is individualized to your personal needs. We can target those areas most important to you. Why reduce fat cells when you can eliminate them completely? 

Get a body sculpted to your ideal shape. Now open to all Seattle-area residents -- Schedule a free consult about CoolSculpting

Waterfront Wellness
is a CoolSculpting® Certified Practice
and has been designated with the prestigious
CRYSTAL Awards status and is a proud member of Forever Health™

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