A Special CoolSculpting Message for my Friends in Seattle and beyond . . . 

Dr. Amanda brimhall

Dr. Amanda brimhall

I’m a skeptical optimist at heart.  So when a colleague first told me about CoolSculpting™ I rolled my eyes and assumed it was another gimmicky weight loss procedure.  Are you kidding me!? No thanks. But after seeing her before and after photos and hearing a few more friends talk about it, I was intrigued.  Did they know something I didn’t? I dove head-in to the research looking for the catch, but I was shocked to find it is actually an amazing and legitimate therapy!

The idea of CoolSculpting™ was originally developed back in the 60’s after physcians noticed fat loss in the chubby cheeks of kids sucking on cold popsicles, a condition termed “popsicle pinniculitis”.  Continued research using cold temperatures to crystalize and permanently kill fat cells, more formally known as 'Cryolipolysis', was done by Harvard University in the 80’s and 90’s.  The science has been perfected over the past 25 years into a technique used as non-invasive in-office procedures to very specifically treat stubborn pockets of fat. The machine utilizes special applicators that fit different areas of the body such as the belly, thighs, chin, or back to sculpt the body back to one's ideal shape.  Fat cells are more sensitive to cold therapy than other tissues such as skin and muscle so the only tissue affected is the fat cell.  The controlled cold temperature from the applicator crystalizes the adipocyte (fat cell) which kills it and the body reabsorbs the dead cells through natural metabolic processes.  Voila! Permanent, safe, fat reduction.

Sign me up! Most people can’t see it but I have a muffin top.  GASP!  Yes, despite high-intensity cross-training exercise 6 days a week and a stellar diet, my naturally apple-shaped body was reluctant to let go of the last 10 pounds parked around my abdomen.  The only time I was able to be super strict with my diet and exercise and lose my belly, my face got too thin and I looked like Skeletor, so I just gave up on having the perfect tummy.

I always want to try out new therapies myself before introducing them to my patients - I only recommend treatments I honestly know will work.  I won’t lie, the CoolSculpting™ procedure caused me a little more discomfort than I was expecting.  I'm not sure why it was uncomfortable for me versus most of my patients, who barely bat an eyelash when the applicator is applied.  Maybe because I have less fat to begin with? Not sure. Nonetheless, it is totally worth the temporary discomfort!  I am thrilled with my results. 

I get asked by my patients EVERY single day (no joke) what I have to offer them for weight loss.  Of course, as a Functional Medicine doctor, I assess your metabolism and diet to try to optimize all possible physiological functions, eg. hormone levels, thyroid and gut function, energy production,  etc.  But now I can enthusiastically offer an additional safe and effective permanent therapy.  Since I brought CoolSculpting™ into my practice a couple of years ago, I continue to be amazed and impressed with the stellar results and unbelievable before and after photos we see. Happy girl!

– Dr. Amanda Brimhall, ND

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