Our Team

Meet our highly skilled CoolSculpting™ Technical Team:  Dr. Amanda Brimhall (center), Shannon Wolfe (left), and Anissa Lewis (right).  Expertly trained and possessing caring, delightful personalities, this team has provided an enjoyable and relaxing CoolSculpting™ experience to thousands in the greater Seattle area for several years.  Having originated Kirkland's first and premiere CoolSculpting™ clinic, they're certain to ensure that your procedures, too, will lead to the most successful body sculpting journey you can find.

Dr. Amanda Brimhall, ND - Functional Medicine Specialist

CoolSculpting™ Team Leader & Program Director

Already one of the Seattle area's leading Naturopathic Physicians specializing in, among other things, Functional Medicine, Dr. Brimhall became Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine.  This led to her dedication to the principle that Looking one's Best is one of the prescriptions for Feeling one's Best.  While employing a broad range of Wellness-based protocols that promote physical and cosmetic improvement through Nutrition, Weight Loss and Maintenance, and healthy Lifestyle changes, Dr. Brimhall became an early proponent of CoolSculpting™ as a safe and lasting route to attaining one's Ideal body without surgery or risk. 

Shannon Wolfe - Certified Coolsculpting Specialist

A Seattle native, Shannon discovered her passion for all things medical while working as a veterinary technician in her teens.  Soon after graduating from a rigorous Medical Assistants program she quickly rose to the upper echelons of practice management and, while working at one of the area’s top primary care practices, she became certified as a CoolSculpting™ technologist.  She soon drew the attention of Dr. Brimhall among others, and her tenure at Waterfront Wellness is now legendary.  Shannon enjoys a well-deserved reputation from thousands whom she has served by helping them to look and feel their best, her highly devoted calling!

Anissa Lewis - Coolsculpting Specialist

Anissa's extensive background in medical aesthetics makes her very well suited as a CoolSculpting™ team member. She is passionate about helping patients look and feel their best.  She walks the walk of eating organic healthy foods, staying fit and she uses Naturopathic Medicine for any health concerns. She can attest to how effective CoolSculpting™ is since she has had it done herself.  She is proud of her before and after results and will gladly discuss her own results with you.