CoolSculpting™'s well-known motto, "Fear No Mirror", has found a meaningful place in the hearts and minds of our satisfied clients here at Waterfront Wellness.

Please read on to discover a small sampling of their sentiments and gratitude.  We are honored to count them among the thousands of loyal members in our Waterfront family.  We look forward to seeing your words among these soon as we welcome you to our growing family!

“...my tummy kept shrinking for three months!”

I am so happy with my CoolSculpting experience. It was amazing! I had three areas treated on my mommy tummy. There was no pain or discomfort. I read a book during one treatment and watched a movie during the others.  Easy peasy! I was also impressed that there wasn't any down time and that I was able to continue my regular schedule of taking care of kids and exercise. I started seeing results within two weeks and my tummy kept shrinking for three months. If you're anything like me and you would like to shave some of your bodies visual frustrations, I highly recommend this treatment. Without a doubt, I'd do it again. 

— Michelle S., Issaquah, WA


"...it was really remarkable... and still can't get over how well it worked. I am thrilled with the results and the price was so reasonable. I would highly recommend the procedure as it works!"

I was referred to Dr. Brimhall by my previous Naturopathic Doctor when she moved out of state. I had been going to the same ND for the past 8 years and was a bit apprehensive about making a change. Prior to my first meeting with Dr. Brimhall I had to fill out an extensive medical history online.

I arrived a bit early and while waiting, I picked up a CoolSculpting brochure. I had not heard of the treatment before but thought it looked interesting. When I met with Dr. Brimhall that day for my first appointment, she had already reviewed my history and we talked about my current situation and a plan for the future. She was easy to talk to and was very knowledgeable about bio-identical hormones and treatment options. I was thrilled that she took great notes and was very organized as that was not my previous ND's strong suit!

At the end of the consultation, I asked her about the CoolSculpting procedure and she walked me through the technology. I was at my desired weight but still had a little belly pouch and small love handles. I had considered liposuction in the past but did not want to do such an invasive procedure. Dr. Brimhall said I would be a good candidate for CoolSculpting. I decided on the spot to book an appointment for the following Saturday. I am normally not that impulsive but felt very comfortable with Dr. Brimhall and the consultation.

It has been 11-weeks and my results have been stellar! It took about 6 weeks before I really noticed a change from the CoolSculpting and at 8-weeks it was really remarkable. My husband noticed a big change as well and still can't get over how well it worked. I am thrilled with the results and the price was so reasonable. I would highly recommend the procedure as it works!

As an added bonus was the technician Shannon, was excellent as well!

— Valarie, Seattle, WA

"...it worked magic on my trouble areas"

I can't say enough of my experience at Waterfront Wellness. I tried the CoolSculpting procedure and it worked magic on my trouble areas. I lost at least 3 inches around my waistline within 5 weeks, and 10 lbs. at 7 weeks. Shannon Wolfe was amazing in assisting me through the procedure and I highly recommend using her services at Waterfront Wellness.

— Pauline W., Seattle, WA

“They go the extra mile . . . .”

Dr. Brimhall and the staff at Waterfront Wellness are informative, friendly and professional. They go the extra mile to ensure your comfortable during your consultation and procedure. Their team takes time to understand your needs, are glad to answer any questions, offer advise and give options to achieve your goals. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive process that gives you great results for reducing excess fat in stubborn areas. You will experience a great level of care and expertise that will give you peace of mind.

— Nicole D., Spokane, WA

. . . I can wear tighter shirts without worrying that people think I’m pregnant!

CoolSculpting! I will start by saying that I have struggled with belly fat my entire life. I have had people ask me if I was pregnant (no, I am not! I am 60 years old!). But recently I had CoolSculpting done on my stomach. I was swollen for about 2 weeks but then when the swelling started to go down I started noticing a change. Shannon Wolfe (the CoolSculpting wizard) at Dr.Brimhall's office said I probably wasn't seeing a change yet but I would soon. LOL. Anyway, it is 5 months later and I love the way my stomach looks now. I can fit into my jeans much better and I can wear tighter shirts without worrying that people are going to think I am pregnant.

The staff is really nice, I actually met them all at one of the events they host to learn about their services. Shannon was professional, knowledgeable, and made me feel very comfortable. I am now thinking about going back and doing my legs. I recommend them to EVERYONE. They may be a small clinic but Shannon definitely knows her stuff and my stomach is a testament to that!

__Cynthia R., Auburn, WA

Dr. Amanda . . . monitored me over a 45-day period while I lost 35 pounds!

I first visited Dr. Amanda Brimhall at Waterfront Wellness 3 years ago for weight loss. She introduced me to the HCG protocol and monitored me over a 45-day period while I lost 35 pounds. I learned more about her practice during that time and discovered she specialized in anti-aging medicine. On future visits, she monitored my hormone levels and switched me to a bio-identical hormone cream to help with menopause symptoms before they even started. Definitely worth it after all I have heard about the horrors of menopause. I have had none of the symptoms and don't expect to ever have any! I now see her every year for my annual physical and her advice gets me through the following year. . . . Her office is set-up with all the staples to ward off aging. Dr. Brimhall stocks a medical grade skin care line that I am incorporating into my daily routine and it is making a big difference. Plus, all the supplements she recommends are available on her shelf at the completion of your check-up. Definitely a one-stop shop for all your health-care needs.

_ Debbie W., Kent, WA